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Decent Fellows Press acquired the ebook, paperback and audiobook rights for the 8 book series "More Heat Than The Sun" in Late 2020.

The series is considered a neglected M/M Romance Classic, and Decent Fellows Press has rebranded the whole series, with design by Isobel Starling.

The series is an Amazon exclusive bestseller and in KU.

The whole series has been brought to audio, narrated by Gary Furlong, whose amazing narration arned a nominateion for best Thriller in the SOV.

german silken cover.jpg
Italian SILKEN.jpg
GERMANrebrand+ as you wish cover1.jpg
new english SB box set cover.jpg
German sweet thing.jpg
apple boy cover final.jpg
English sweet thing.jpg
01_REBRAND_ As You Wish Audibook cover.j
02_REBRAND_ Illuminate Audiobook cover.j
03_REBRAND_ Return to Zero Audiobook cov
04_REBRAND_ Counterblow Audiobook cover.
05REBRAND_ Powder Burns Audiobook cover.
AUDIOBOOK COVER apple boy.jpg

NEWS UPDATE:  SILKEN receives an 'Honorable Mention' from the Rainbow Awards Committee.

  Books that score over 36 out of 40 are given this and forwarded to the award shortlist

 "As You Wish" by Isobel Starling, narrated by Gary Furlong, WINNER in the Romance Category of The Independant Audiobook  Awards 2018.


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