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Can you tell us a bit about your background?  What inspired you to become an audiobook narrator?


I have always loved books and reading and have many fond memories of being read to by my grandmother as a child.  A former lover used to ask me to read to them at bedtime as a way of helping them get to sleep.  I began to realize I had a knack for empathizing with characters and finding their voices.


Out of all of the audiobooks you’ve produced, who has been your favorite character? 


You know, I do have a couple of favorites, but I think I have been lucky to find aspects of all my characters that I love.  That said, I think Vic (from the PsyCop series) and I have kind of become the same person.  We know each other inside and out at this point.


Which character has given you the most grief?


When creating the voice for one character, I created a raspy older man's voice.  I saw this guy in my head, and that was how I heard him.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize he would become a major character in the series.  Eight books in it is sometimes a struggle to voice him properly without killing my voice.


How do you deal with reading erotic scenes aloud?


Haha!  I am fine with it when I am working alone.  It is easy to be in the moment.  It is only when I am working with a director that I get a little shy.





How would you compare narrating an audiobook to acting?


It is all acting!  I think because I was an actor long before I was a narrator, I approached narration from that perspective.  Which is probably why first person narration is my favorite.  It is like a long monologue by my character!  When I am acting on stage or on camera, I have the benefit of being able to react off of what my partner does.  But narrating, I am my own scene partner!  So I have to be really clear who these people are before I start the job, not only for their voices but to maintain their point of view and their integrity.


What is the best piece of advice you ever received from another narrator?


Holding a pillow over your tummy can help keep your stomach rumbling from being heard by the mic!


What’s the most satisfying or rewarding part of narrating/producing an audio book?


When the author listens to the audiobook and is excited.


How do you feel about authors that choose to narrate their own audiobooks?  Any advice for them?


If the book is a memoir or on some non-fiction topic that they are passionate about, I think that is great.  But if it is narrative with multiple characters, I think it can be challenging, both for the author and the listener.  If the author has acting training, that might be helpful.


You are hosting a dinner party and must invite three famous people (real or fictional).  Who would you choose and why?


Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward, and Freddie Mercury.

I think the conversation would be amazing and then maybe we could get Noel and Freddie to do some songs!

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